magento 的website(网站) 和 store(网店) 和 store view(多语言)的关系

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magento 的website(网站) 和 store(网店) 和 store view(多语言)的关系

如上图,在system->config,在左上角,点manager store 可以进入店铺管理。

Because Magento natively supports the creation and management of multiple stores in a single Magento installation, Magento has a hierarchy of concepts that define the relationship between the individual stores in a Magento installation.

In Magento, a website is a collection of stores, which themselves are collections of store views. These layers, although perhaps initially confusing, provide you with powerful flexibility when setting up online businesses in Magento.

A website is made up of one or more stores which share the same customer information, order information and shopping cart.
Stores are collections of store views and can be setup in a variety of ways. Their main function is to provide a logical container that allows you to group related store views together in a website.

Store Views are the actual store instances in Magento. Most stores will have a single store view associated with them. But a store can also have multiple store views, which are typically used for different languages. Therefore, if you wanted to have a store displayed in English and Spanish, for example, you could create the store once and create two different store views for that store.


简单的说,其实就是 网站, 店铺 和多语言的关系。


然后网站A下面有 店铺A和店铺B。  这两者由于是同在网站A下面,所以他们的会员是可以共享的。

店铺A可能有中文和英文,这就是不同的store view。